The Revenge is right.  I didn’t want to announce that I didn’t post a comic yesterday because I thought I might still get it in before the day finished.  Looks like that’s not gonna happen, so I’ll save the comic for next Monday and use this week off to get ahead on the comic.

Why is it late?  I like to have the movie I’m spoofing in my possession to make sure my drawings are accurate enough.  I don’t own a copy of Mission: Impossible so I had to borrow it from a friend this weekend.  AND this weekend was super busy with Halloween party stuff and taking care of my wife who may have had a bit too much to drink at said Halloween party.  She threw up over 5 times (I stopped counting after that) and had the world’s worst hangover the next day.  She’s adorable.

Look forward to the new FTR next Monday, Nov. 8th!